Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's more important--the team or the plan?

I came across this terrific post by James Donnelly about the importance of the team versus the plan in crisis management. I will admit to placing inordinate importance on the plan, but will also defend myself by saying in numerous presentations I have stated that the very most important part of effective response are the people responding. Ultimately, it is character that matters. After reading The Unthinkable by Amanda Ripley, I'm more certain than ever that character and personality have a lot to do with effective response.

At the same time, Ripley's book also makes it clear that only by drilling and drilling do you get the basic response actions in people's minds solid enough to overcome their initial reactions to the overwhelming sensory explosion of a major event. The plan, then becomes the guidebook for the training--not the recipe book for the response. Train to the plan, respond to the training--maybe that's the way to put it.

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