Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are you in government? Do you tweet?

I'll be presenting a national webinar on Twitter in Government Communications for Government Educator on Sept 1. (More info if interested). I work with quite a few government communicators--some who tweet, some who don't and some who say, "Huhn?"

I'd like to go beyond telling about these communicators whom I am already familiar with and try to get a better reading on how government communicators are using Twitter, what their experience is and what they are thinking about it. This was made more urgent by the announcement yesterday of the Dept of Defense having big concerns about all social media and the Marines outright banning it (see my previous post here).

So, if you are a government communicator I need your help. Please complete this very brief survey. If you are not a gov communicator but know of one or two or more, please forward this link on. Any who participate and request the results will get copies of the report.

If you'd rather not do the survey but want to let me know your thoughts on this, you can reach me at

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